Men’s Division II Review -  Wanderers Reach Semifinals, Soroti Blazers Attain Solid Start

Men’s Division II Review -  Wanderers Reach Semifinals, Soroti Blazers Attain Solid Start

By Faith Munezero

Game 1 – Lugogo Oval (March 8)

Wanderers CC 129/10 in 20 overs (Joseph Byaruhanga 55 off 33, Denis Musali 37 off 34; Shah Prakash 3/9 in 4 overs) beat Premier CC 92/10 in 16.3 overs (Amir Cheema 27 off 24; Norbert Abii 3/18 in 3 overs) by 37 runs.

Man Of The Match: Joseph Byaruhanga (55 off 33 balls)

Game 2 – Lugogo Oval (March 8)

Wanderers CC 157/5 in 20 overs (Brian  Adriko 60 off 55, Abu Seguya 57 off 36 balls; Farid Dinani 2/20 in 4 overs) beat Premier CC 144/5 in 20 overs (Prajapati Hitesh 60* off 52, Amir Cheema 25 off 23; Gandi Godfrey 1/22 in 4 overs) by 13 runs.

Man Of The Match: Brian Adriko (60 off 55 balls & 1/20 in 3 overs)

Game 1 – Lugogo Oval (March 9)

KC Budo CC 127/9 in 20 overs (Steven Okiror 55 off 42 balls 32 off 21 balls; Shubhajeet Ganguly 3/15 in 3 overs) lost to Avengers CC 129/4 in 17.2 overs (Waseem Umer 55 off 28 balls, Ratheesh Nair 38 off 43 balls; Patrick Oburu 2/18 in 3 overs) by 6 wickets.

Man Of The Match: Waseem Umer (55 off 28 balls)

Game 2 – Lugogo Oval (March 9)

Avengers CC 116/4 in 20 overs (Ratheesh Nair 30 off 33; Taha Ahmed 2/19 in 4 overs) beat KC Budo 98/8 in 20 overs (Navin Pindoriya 27 off 31 balls; Kush Vekariya 3/17 in 4overs) by 18 runs.

Man Of The Match: Kush Vekariya (3/17 in 4 overs)

Game 1- King’s College Budo Oval (March 10)

KC Budo CC 118/8 in 20 overs (Lalji Jadva 37 off 55; Edwin Nuwagaba (3/7 in 4 overs, Akram Nsubuga 3/18 in 4 overs) lost to ADDT 112/6 in 17.3 overs (Edwin Nuwagaba 28 off 21 balls; Navin Vishram 2/18 in 4 overs) by 4 wickets.

Player Of the Match: Edwin Nuwagaba (28* off 21 & 3/7)

Game 2- King’s College Budo Oval (March 10)

KC Budo 39/10 in 10.5 overs (Taha Ahmed 9* off 5; Ismail Munir 4/10 in 2.5 overs) lost to ADDT 40/0 in 3.4 overs (Hasahya Emmanuel 29 off 11 balls not out, off 14 balls, Lalji Jadva 0/9 in 2 overs) by 10 wickets.

Man Of The Match: Munir Ismael (4/10 in 2.5 overs)

Game 1 – Jinja SS Oval

Jinja SS 142/7 in 20 overs (Mohamed Ahmed 33 off 22 balls, Pius Oloka 32 off 18; Yashashvi Joshi 3/16 in 4 overs) lost to Avengers CC 144/2 in 16.2 overs (Mehmood Hamza 44 off 32 balls, Shubhajeet Ganguly 43 off 33; Suleiman Abdul 2/23 in 3 overs) by 8 wickets

Man Of The Match: Yashashvi Joshi (3/16 in 4 overs)

Game 2 – Jinja SS Oval

Jinja SS 134/7 in 20 overs (Suleiman Abdul 42 off 33, Mohamed Ahmed 39 off 28; Calvin Watuwa 3/19 in 4 overs) lost to Avengers CC 135/3 in 17.1 overs (Kothari Utkarsh 38 off 27 balls; Mohamed Ahmed 1/18 in 4 overs) by 7 wickets.

Man Of The Match: Calvin Watuwa (3/19 in 4 overs)

Game 1 – King’s College Budo Oval (March 9)

ADDT 60/10 in 15 overs (Ronald Lutaaya 21 off 25; Sadam Oyaga 4/8 in 3 overs) beat Soroti Blazers 64/4 in 13 overs (Hillary Kuteesa 18 off 26; Michael Kalyango 2/10 in 3 overs) by 6 wickets

Man Of The Match: Sadam Oyaga (4/8 in 3 overs)

Game 1 – King’s College Budo Oval (March 9)

Soroti Blazers 103/6 in 20 overs (Geoffrey Ejidra 27 off 28; Yunus Sowobi 4/14 in 4 overs) beat ADDT 77/10 in 18.2 overs (Brian Tayoleke 17 off 14; Aston Asiu 4/18 in 4 overs, Ivan Kakande 4/8 in 3.3 overs) by 26 runs

Man Of The Match: Aston Asiu (4/18 in 4 overs)

It was an early start for the Division II sides in the National Twenty20 Cricket League with the action getting underway on International Women’s Day (March 8).

Wanderers through to semifinals

There was a nail-biting Group A fixture between Wanderers and Premier.

In both games, Wanderers earned victory courtesy of their good work ethic. But there is no denying that they were in a spot of bother during the second game with the scoreboard reading a dizzying 12 for 5.

But the middle order partnership between captain Denis Musali and Man of the Match Joseph Byaruhanga took charge to post a modest 129 runs by the end of the innings. Premier’s flying start took all of three overs before Norbert Abii’s three-wicket haul helped them defend their modest score and book a spot in the semi-finals, together with Ceylon Lions.

Joseph Byaruhanga was in devastating form for Wanderers

Rough weekend for KC Budo

The Lions had a rude introduction to the league with losses in their opening games to Avengers. They nearly had a win in their very first game but lost by a paltry 18 runs. Despite Steven Okiror’s half ton, Avenger’s Waseem Umer and Ratheesh Nair helped the Asian-dominated side to victory with 55 and 38 runs respectively.

Budo’s next fixture is against Aziz Damani Development CC didn’t help matters, with the side managing 118 runs but ADDT’s Nuwagaba Edwin and Akram Nsubuga’s all-round performance with both the bat and ball helped their team to yet another victory. The second leg went south with ADDT chasing the required 39 runs in just four overs.

Avengers eyeing last four berth

Avengers got off to a great start with wins in each of their fixtures, against both Budo and Jinja SS. Mehmood Hamza and Shubhajeet Ganguly nearly reached the half ton mark with 44 and 43 runs respectively, however, Jinja SS’ Suleiman Abdulhamid (2/23) snapped both wickets before they could.

The afternoon had Jinja batting first, with Abdulhamid and Mohamed Ahmed performing yet again with 42 and 39 runs respectively to help the team to 134/7 but play from Avengers’ Kothari Utkarsh (38 off 27), Mehmood Hamza (25 off 29) and Shubhajeet Ganguly (28 off 31) made the chase easy despite Abdulhamid’s two wickets while Calvin Watuwa’s three-wicket haul (3/19 in 4 overs) earned him the MOM award.

His exploits ensured Avengers have a perfect four in as many matches and a semifinal spot is within reach.

Blazing start for Soroti

Coach Ivan Kakande’s Soroti Blazers were off to a strong start in their campaign to ensure they reach the knock-out phase of the exciting league format.

They bundled out young Aziz Damani Development for just 60 runs in 15 overs with only Ronald Lutaaya standing firm at one end with 21 runs off 25 balls as new import Sadam Oyaga run rings around the youngsters batting attack with four scalps.

Kakande rose to the occasion in the second game with a fruitful four-wicket spell  but it was Aston Asiu that grabbed the MOM gong after notching four as well to ensure ADDT fail miserably in their attempt of successfully chasing down the set 103 for 6.